Health Equity Tracker

Morehouse School of Medicine

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I’m extremely proud to have been recruited for the HET Software Engineering Development Program for the Morehouse School of Medicine working on their Health Equity Tracker, an open-source application making a tangible impact on health and health equity. This web app was started by as a method for tracking the Covid-19 pandemic and was taken over by Morehouse in 2020.

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Morehouse has expanded upon the application to track over 215 variables from 19 key data sources, including the CDC and the U.S. Census Bureau. Variables currently include vaccinations, cases, deaths, and hospitalizations by race to the county level as well as COPD and diabetes, behavioral health indicators such as opioid and other substance misuse, and social and political determinants of health including uninsurance and poverty. A current part of my work on the tracker is adding Maternal Mortality as a variable to the application.

Initially recruited to participate in an application-wide refactor from SASS/Material UI to Tailwind CSS, my duties were quickly expanded to include end-to-end testing using Playwright and to the backend using Python/Pandas. Other technologies I utilize include TypeScript, React, and Git/GitHub.

a picture of the homepage

As a founding member of the first cohort, I have been assisting team leads with higher-level planning sessions, collaborating in team and pair-programming, and supporting planning for onboarding future contributors. The day-to-day responsibilities of this project include code review, development team communications over Slack and Zoom, in-person meetings, and mentorship and educational workshops.

Please contact me if you'd like to know more about my work on this exciting application!