Mimosas Training

A full stack web app

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Mimosas Training is a full stack web application developed exclusively for one of my restaurant clients, Mimosas, situated in the historic Five Points neighborhood of Denver, CO. Designed with the specific needs of the restaurant industry in mind, Mimosas Training empowers the management team to track and enhance employee training programs. From on-boarding new hires to monitoring ongoing development, this app offers a range of features to facilitate the specific needs of this client, and how they manage their tiered tip pool.

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The application, using CRUD functionality allows management to add new employees to the system, and the intuitive interface allows for quick input of employee information. Additionally, managers have the flexibility to edit and update employee details as necessary, ensuring accuracy and up-to-date records. The app's database management capabilities enable easy deletion of employee profiles, should the need arise. This functionality ensures a tidy and organized system, making it simple to maintain an accurate overview of the restaurant's workforce.

Recognizing the importance of comprehensive training materials, Mimosas Training includes a repository of documents and resources. These materials, readily available within the app, can be conveniently downloaded by users, empowering them to access training content directly on their computers. Security is a priority in Mimosas Training, as the app leverages user authentication, authorization, and protected routes to safeguard sensitive data. The advanced technology stack, which includes JavaScript, React, Node.js, Firebase, Tailwind CSS, and Git, ensures a secure and reliable platform that seamlessly integrates with modern web development practices.

As a full stack software engineer, I am proud to have been contracted to create Mimosas Training. It is an example of my ability to create impactful solutions that optimize business operations and elevate user experiences. Contact me today to learn more about my role in developing this exceptional web application and how I can contribute to your organization's success.

Please note: This page links to a demonstration of the application. The delivered product is not available for testing in order to protect personal/company information.